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School Shade Sails Sydney, Commercial Shade Sails, Carport Shade Sails Woronora

Thank you for contacting Sun Shade Sydney, our customers are very important to us and we will contact you very soon. 

Privacy Screens

Do you ever feel a bit more exposed than you would like to feel in your back garden or swimming pool?

Install a Shade sail and get the double benefit of protection from the sun and added privacy. We can custom make a structure to provide both a barrier to nosey neighbours  and a shelter from wind and sun. Imagine relaxing in the comfort of your own home knowing that your privacy is assured.  The design aspect of this is very important and needs to flow with your environment, this is where we come in. Our installers and designers know exactly how to give you a professional look that will last you for many years. If privacy and shelter is a concern, call us now for your no obligation free quote.

Call now for a no obligation free quote: 0401 747 188

Shade Sail Repair and Replacement

Is your shade sail sagging and faded? Is the stitching coming undone?

Unfortunately this can happen if you haven’t gone for good quality fabric, cotton or fittings or if something unexpected has occurred like some flying debris that has torn your sail. No matter the reason if your Shade or Waterproof sail needs replacing we can help. If the original installation was done professionally and the posts are the correct size for the sail and not bent or damaged in anyway, replacement is extremely simple. We come and measure the existing sail.

You decide the colour and fabric to be used and we get a quote to you for making and installing it. Once approved, we get on with the job. Although this is something people tend to put off a damaged shade sail is not a good thing especially when children are around. Very rarely, but is has happened, a child may take it into his or her head to climb onto a shade sail.

If the Shade sail is in good order it would hold up under the child’s weight. If, on the other hand, the sail was coming apart this could be a dangerous situation, so as children can be somewhat unpredictable at times it is advisable to get the Sail replaced or repaired as soon as you see that there is a problem. As well as the hazards of damaged sails, exposed wire and rusty fittings a shabby broken Sail looks bad and definitely detracts from the surroundings. If you haven’t had the sail up very long and it looks like this chances are it was not professionally made or installed.

Our sails are made of top quality materials, have warranties and are professionally made and installed. A Shade Sail Centre sail will look as good as new many years from now.

Call now for a no obligation free quote: 0401 747 188

Waterproof Sails Sydney

How many times have you gotten drenched just getting in or out of your car?

Waterproof sails are a great way to handle the wet weather season and unexpected showers.

With a bit of creativity we could have you covered adding value and practicality to your home. There are many colours and styles to choose from. Waterproof sails can be any shape or size you wish, hung on permanent structures, cantilevered or on posts. We can attach the sail to the side of your house or garage. Our very experienced designers can show you many different options to get the coverage you need at the price that is right for you.



Waterproof sails make great carports that are esthetically pleasing and extremely practical. Unlike the many carports that are commonly seen around rusting and rotting, PVC Shadesails don’t rust or rot. The steel posts we use are fully galvanized and powder coated so they will never rust. There are a huge selection of colours for both the sail and the posts which can be colour co-originated to blend with your house and surroundings.

Waterproof sails are ideal for uncovered porch areas, cafés, barbeque areas, carports, school courtyards or playgrounds and so much more. You would be surprised how the right design can actually enhance your environment. Installation wise they are a bit more complex than shade sails as the structures need to be heavier to handle the weight of water and pressure of wind. Our experienced installers use only top quality materials knowing that shortcuts can cause potential disaster further down the road.

Click here to view some of our Carport Shade Sails

Our work is fully guaranteed and we never leave the job until the customer is completely satisfied.

Everyone can benefit from the shelter that a waterproof shade sail provides. Some people even install them to give the family pet protection from the elements.

Call now for a no obligation free quote: 0401 747 188


Awnings can work well if you want the cover fixed to a wall, or below a deck etc. In areas where you don’t want to add posts these are an ideal structure to use. In an environment where protection from the elements was only required some of the time a retractable awning would be the way to go.

Let’s say you had a barbeque area that didn’t really get a lot of direct sun but was unusable when it rained. In a situation like this it would be ideal to be able to sit outside and have a barbeque without the overhead cover but be able to quickly and easily open a retractable awning if it was to rain unexpectedly.

Where permanent cover was required an awning could be attached to the building completely on one side forming a waterproof connection if necessary. There are a number of different styles to choose from. We can help you find one that will suit the style of your home and your budget.


Call now for a no obligation free quote: 0401 747 188