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School Shade Sails Sydney, Commercial Shade Sails, Carport Shade Sails Woronora

We install custom designed Sun Shades and install Sydney wide. Sun Shades are used for blocking out harmful UV rays and protecting the family and your possessions. Sun Shades are also known as Shade Sails or Sails. The term Shade Sail comes from the shape and the nature of the product looking and acting like a boat sail.




Sun Shades are very good are protecting cars from Hail Damage as well as covering your pool and protecting your family from Sun Burn and also providing Privacy.

Sun Shades are popular due to their customisable options and low maintenance. Also its cheaper than building a solid roof.

Top 5 Shade Sail Ideas


Shade fabrics typically have a 10 year warranty on the UV degradation. This means that the UV protection will last 10 years minimum and often will last up to 20 years blocking the harmful UV rays from burning anything underneath it.

Our Shade Sails will also have a special thread that holds a 15 year UV warranty as the thread is usually the first part of a sail to wear down. We chose the strongest thread in the industry as we wanted our sails to last as long as possible without needing replacement.


These are the colours available for waterproof fabric which is commonly made from a PVC vinyl like fabric.


These are the colours available for the Steel Posts. The paint we use is called a Powder Coating and is a special type of dry powder that under goes an electrochemical process to magnetically stick to the steel as its sprayed on and once dried is so string that you couldn't chip it, event with a hammer!


  • Cleaning

  • Replacement

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